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2022 03 03 - 32. Prison Earth by Sasha • I hope you’re not like that



Video inspired by Sashas article - https://www.bigworldsmallsasha.com/20... and recorded/edited by Dima https://dmitrylisenko.com/

Welcome to Prison Earth. If you re a very well-behaved inmate, you might not even realize that you’re locked up. If you never try to step outside, if you never question the guards or the other prisoners, and you do as they all do- work, work, work- slave your life away, and take “vacations” only when they let you, for as long as they let you- you might never even question the prison. You might be numb to it, quietly existing, working in the system, perhaps drinking or taking pills to cope with the lack of meaning in your imprisoned life. I hope you’re not like that. I hope you question, and take a step outside, at least with your own mind.

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