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2020 12 10 - General semantics (EN) • Physical reference in ours language

Well, and physical reference as a term means that objects must have a reference to physical reality.
This means that objects such as a "desk", "chair", "book", "refrigerator" or "computer" have a physical reference.
And "God" or "spirit" does not. Therefore, we cannot talk about it.
Thus, when we eliminate ambiguously understood language, there will be no expressions such as:
"I wish you good weekend" Why just a weekend? Why not a good life? Yeh?
Why delicious food? Why not healthy food? Why anyone doesn t want to wish to put more carrots in pork stew?
Less salt? Less sugar in to the tea? Eat more nuts?
And if we wish happiness, it means that adrenaline or dopamine will be produced in huge quantities. Just take 1 kilogram of amphetamine ant try it. And after you will finish all the stuff, let me know, how long you can survive like this.
- Rimantas Juodelis

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