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2022 09 14 - The Venus Project, A World Worth Imagining - S.O.U.L. • Listens to Roxanne Meadows, Complete Talk


The Venus Project, A World Worth Imagining - S.O.U.L. Listens to Roxanne Meadows, Complete Talk - YouTube

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S.O.U.L. Listens to Roxanne Meadows co-founder of The Venus Project who shares her perspectives on how TVP and its Resource Based Economy is really the only option for humanity to thrive beyond its current story of profit, greed and scarcity. Roxanne was in town for ther premier of A World Worth Imagining - Jacque Fresco the Man with the Plan. “Using money to regulate resources is really a suicidal approach.” ~ Roxanne Meadows When S.O.U.L. picked up the phone - one inspired spring afternoon in 2017 - and called The Venus Project to see about setting up an interview with one of their heroes, the brilliant Jacque Fresco; one of TVPs founders along with Roxanne. Little could any of them have predicted that just two years later the conversations they had - this one sitting outside the model room at TVPs compound - would be the foundation for S.O.U.L.s film A World Worth Imagining - Jaqcue Fresco the Man with the Plan. Which made its world debut at Lucas Films Premier Theater on November 10th, 2019, as part of a global fundraiser to help The Venus Project continue its paradigm shifting work. (Neither could they have known that this would be the last interview Jaqcue would give before passing away two months later at one hundred one after a long battle with Parkinsons disease.)

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